Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Spirit of Adventure

It's only been one week?? It feels like I've already been here for a month! The first few days were hard, and I'm just starting to get over the jet lag. But so far, my MTC experience has been wonderful! We are in class basically all day every day. Either that or in a meeting. We only get small breaks, but I'm definitely grateful for those! Every day here feels like a week because of how long they are and how much stuff we've done. It's incredible to see how much someone can change in only one week. I have felt the Spirit so strongly since the moment I got here. Every now and then, it was hard because I would miss everyone back home,  but the more I tried to be completely obedient to the Missionary Handbook, and lose myself in the work, the Spirit would always grow stronger, and I would feel a sense of peace. I know that the Lord blesses his missionaries and gives us SO MUCH strength so we can do his work.
I am currently in a district with 7 missionaries. 3 Elders, and 4 Sisters. They are  all wonderful and my district leader is also great! 2 of the Elders are from Italy, one of the Sisters is from Albania, and my companion is from Jamaica. The rest of us are from America. We have a pretty fun district :)
So far, I've met some really good people and I'm learning and growing so much! The Spirit is so strong here and I feel almost like a different person.
Until next week! Love you all!

P.S. We have a word of the day in our district, and all the missionaries have been adding to our vocabulary. So now, I'm learning lots of different languages, including Albanian, Swedish, and Welsh. So, I'll share one of the words with you guys.
This week's word is: Uomo-Ragno (Spider-man in Italian)

Sister Wilkinson

My first fish and chips
Me and My Companion- Sister Sutherland

Preston Temple

Crew with me on the plane

Me and My Companion- Sister Sutherland

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

first letter from Sister Wilkinson

Honey I'm home

Well, this will probably just be a quick email, but I made it here and I'm safe! We met up with some of the other missionaries when we got to Orlando. There were 5 total people with me when we came on the bus. The flights were good and I have a few stories and pictures, but I'll probably send those next week. My P-days while I'm at the MTC are going to be on Tuesday. I also get to go to the temple twice while I'm here, but our exercise routine usually includes a walk around the temple grounds. I'll get to know all the missionaries here because it is such a small MTC. People are already enjoying my smile and were excited to meet me. Love all of you!