Monday, June 12, 2017

Group email

Sorry to all
Guess what? It's MONDAY, the day you have all been waiting for...
To get an email from Sister Wilkinson...
Also the day where her brain shuts off and only has limited time to email...
So... sorry to everyone but I've not had anything too excited to report.
However, I have had a fabulous week!
Here's a little something and I'll be on my way.
At zone conference, we started by pretending it was our first day at the MTC. It was different than anything I've done before, but it was really good. It helped me realise just how much I've changed since then. I really have grown a lot and went through many different spiritual moments. We also talked about the power and authority of our callings. I write many things down in my study journal that come to my mind/things others say as I hear talks or attend meetings. I wanted to share something with you that I wrote down. It says, "We have been given authority by the stake President when we were set apart. As we are obedient to the standards, we receive power. That power will then convert others to the gospel. As our investigators keep commitments, they can receive the Holy Ghost which brings spiritual power". I definitely know that obedience brings blessings, and that it brings the Holy Ghost to touch people's hearts. My entire mission, I've done my best to stay obedient and I feel the happiest when I obey. When I fall short, something always seems to happen wrong. Even in the small things, I'm blessed the most when I am following the mission standards. 
Love you all! Til next week!
Laters... love you
Sister Wilkinson

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