Monday, August 28, 2017

Hello and Email from my companion

I don't have much time today because we sacrificed our pday to go to the temple. I'll see if I have time later to write, but I may not be able to since my companion keeps leaving my side and I need to be at the computer. Just know that I'm alive and doing well. Hopefully more to come soon

This is Sister Turnbulls weekly email (again short, we have no time today) but on the plus side, I fixed my iPad! Yay! Here is her email:

Hello beautiful people,

Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong this week, it did. We were locked out of our flat, the boiler and the shower ceased to work, the lights surged, and our freezer randomly defrosts. Apart from these temporal distractions, it is mostly fine.

I don't have much time to email this week as we were privileged enough to attend the temple. I am so grateful for this opportunity as I always feel at peace and assured of the love of my Heavenly Father upon my attendance. I truly am grateful for the covenants I have made, and the predicated

Doctrine and Covenants 105:12 For behold, I have prepared a great endowment and blessing to be poured out upon them, inasmuch as they are faithful and continue in humility before me.

Much love,
Sister Turnbull

Locked out of our flat

With wonderful Holly and Sister Turnbull

 Sushi with Sis. Turnbull's Aunt Cate, and cousin Ollie

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Well, transfers have happened! Also, my 9 month mark happened - half way there!!! :) It's crazy how much I've learned already!
So, I'm now serving in Chester with Sister Turnbull. 
I'm so grateful for my time in Warrington with Sister Taumalolo. Warrington is a wonderful area, and I was able to find some of my eternal friends there. The members were also wonderful, and I didn't realize the effect that I had on some of them until I left. While I was there, I made an immediate connection with a less active sister named Sandra. She hadn't been to church in many years, and some missionaries would come see her, but she was known for cancelling appointments. But since we had made this connection, she started seeing us more often, and she then had us over for tea, and the past few weeks, she started to come to church again. I will always be grateful for the relationship I made with her. I also made good connections with a woman named Cara, who also came to church this Sunday, and our investigators, Lorna and Joe. I know that I was meant to meet these people and they all have a special place in my heart.
These past two transfers, I changed so much, and Sister Taumalolo helped me immensely. One of the Elders recent converts, Ben, was talking to me the other week and said that since I was with Sister Taumalolo, he noticed a big change in me. He said I was more of myself, and more confident. That really touched me because I had been trying so hard to feel comfortable in the work, and to feel more confident. I've noticed the change in me, and so have many others. 
Something that has also helped me this week is that I have been prayerfully reading the Book of Mormon whenever we would have a quiet moment. Doing this increased my spirit more than I could ever imagine! I'm definitely continuing this as I go into this transfer! There is a line in my patriarchal blessing that says that I will grow for my love of the Savior as I read the Book of Mormon. And that I would be blessed that as I read, there would be a sweet peace that settles in my heart that my Savior, Jesus Christ lives, and that he knows me personally. And this this love would be planted in the hearts of my future children. I'm seeing how that blessing is already being fulfilled. I have only read up to 1 Nephi 12, and already my entire view on the world, on my companion, on myself, on God has changed. Sister Taumalolo said that she noticed my entire countenance changed while I did this. I'm definitely more passionate about the Book of Mormon now and how much peace in can bring others. 
This upcoming transfer, I want it to be a really spiritual one. I'm going to focus on the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel so much!
I am excited for this upcoming transfer! Love you all!
Sister Wilkinson

My cute little flat :)

  The Chester Chapel - I feel like I'm in a storybook!

 The most important part of serving in Chester - I knew this was a good area!

The flat in Warrington

the view from my flat 

 Me with the Welsh chapel sign

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Previously on the EMM.... Sister Wilkinson went to the Trafford Centre and had little time to email an update of the week. (SORRY)

This episode.... Stories from both last week and this week, including Elder Ballard speaking to the missionaries, and the musical production of the British Pageant. 

Next up... Transfers! A new possible change coming to the life of Sister Wilkinson with new people and places to see.

Alright, so... 
I actually don't have much time today either and the main thing on my mind is that my ipad is STILL not working and it's really frustrating me because I can't type fast and I also can't send any photos that I have on my ipad because I can't get them onto the computer... so I've been really annoyed with it, and its been this way for a month and a half now.... Anyway, I'll do my best to remember what happened these last few weeks.
Elder Ballard came to speak to us. It was really amazing and the main thing I got from it was that I am still needed in this mission and that Jesus Christ will lead my way. That as I rely on Him, He will direct my paths. I still have so much to change and to learn and I'm excited for all of it. He was also very funny and told us many jokes. I thought it was great! We also had the opportunity to shake his hand and say hello to him. When he walked in, he looked at us and said, "Alright, quickly, lets get this over with" and shook all our hands. He is so funny. I don't have my journal with me, or I could share more of his quotes, but it was great to hear from him!
Last week, we went to the Trafford centre with the elders recent convert, Ben. It was lots of fun! We went mini golfing, and ate at 5 guys, and it was just a crazy fun day! We also had to squish into his little car. After that day, we went with the elders to give a blessing to a less active member's wife. His name is Rodante. This was the first time we met him, but it was lots of fun. He gave us burgers, and pigs in a blanket, and even some Tang to drink. We had a full American day on Monday!
More highlights from the week... the British Pageant! So, we went to the pageant on Thursday night with the ward. We travelled there in a coach together. It was fun to have a coach ride with the members there and back! Then the actual pageant was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Like.... the best thing I've ever seen! The music is beautiful, the dancing was incredible, and the acting was great. They had a centre stage, and they had smoke going on, torches being lit, they went all out - I can't believe it was a free production. There were also really young children acting in it, and they had a full choir and I just cant even describe the greatness of it! I'll try to send a pic I have somehow. The music was beautiful and there was even a song sang in Welsh. I'm planning on coming back in 4 years to watch it once again! SOOOO GOOOD! :D
Well, that's about all that happened this week besides the fact that I can't eat gelatin for a while... it may take me a bit to eat Jell-O and fruit snacks and such... but yeah, probably a good idea not to ask why ;) also... don't ask what is in it.
Anyway, this week has been great!

Transfers is next week! We get our calls on Sunday! What are all your guesses? Am I staying? Leaving? What do you think?

Love you all! I'll try sending pics! :)

Sister Wilkinson

I was able to get photos (long process, but I've got them)! Hooray! Here are some pics :)

 Above the food court in the trafford centre

The theatre the pageant was in

The Pageant - a scene when the early saints were travelling on the ship to America

The temple all lit up that night

Trafford Centre

Mini golfing

In the car with Rodante

5 guys with Ben

Trafford Centre