Monday, June 19, 2017

"I swear I'm sweating like a sinner in church"

(Princess and the Frog)

"There is Sunshine in England Today! More glorious and bright than glows in any English sky..."

But seriously, it's SO HOT here! It's been 75 to 80 degree heat plus the humidity... let me just say I'm grateful to be serving in a cold country. I'm not sure if I could handle missionary work in the heat like this (shout out to all my missionary friends in Arizona! And the other hot areas - good on you!)
Also, I found this little place that's like mini America. All the streets are named after American places. It's so sweet! Made me feel right at home ;) I also went to IKEA this week, so I also enjoyed that, and it reminded me of home. So, it's been a pretty fun week - I feel like I'm not even in England 😂

First off, quick announcement, I should be avoiding "chatting" in emails, so just letting each of you know that I won't be able to reply too much to your emails when we are both online. President said it should help us focus on the work. So, sorry to any of you who may be sad, but I want to do everything I can to be obedient :) I'll get to
talk to you all properly in a year from now anyway :)

Also, HAPPY FATHERS DAY Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed it! :) My Sacrament meeting was so great! We had the primary children speak, and it was SO CUTE!! They said the cutest things and it was great to hear from all of them!

Well, not too much has happened this week beside the heat. We also had companion exchange, which is always a lot of fun! I went on exchange with Sister Luo, who is basically an older, Asian version of me ;) also we are both obsessed with cats ;) so it was lots of fun!

Anything else to mention? Oh yeah, maybe the fact that I went to a BAPTISM this Saturday!!! Woohoo! It was the first time I was able to see a convert baptism, so it was really exciting. I also got to see Sister Limb again while I was there. So, it was wonderful! The baptism was for the Elders investigators, both Daniel (from Romania), and Ben. Ben is wonderful - we got to know him really well. We also just saw him while we were at IKEA. Definitely a good member! So two new additions to Warrington ward!!

My week has definitely been a good one, and I'm so grateful for all the miracles I've seen.

Hope you all have had a good week as well - keep up the good work, and enjoy Summer! (Get in the pool as much as you can for me, okay) ;) That's something I wish I could do right now!

Love you all!!!

Sister Wilkinson

** Mom here- This is the headline in the Manchester news this morning- 

It's so hot in Manchester the pavements are actually MELTING

“You could probably crack an egg and cook it on the floor”

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