Monday, June 5, 2017

**gasp** MY SPINACH PUFFS!!!

Hey everyone....
So... I'm not really sure what to talk about this week because SO MUCH happened!
This week has been good for the work, and my new companion, Sister Taumalolo and I get along really well. I have really loved serving beside her. She is from Perth, Australia... the wonderful land of Oz! She is SO MUCH fun!
This week we were able to give a baptismal date as a goal for a woman named Kate, who has been investigating with past missionaries for about a year. I think it helped her realize if she wanted to be fully committed or not. She is now meeting with us more often.
We also found a new investigator this week named Maavis, who was very accepting of everything we said. He is originally from Nigeria, and he moved to England when he was very young. He is now 17, and studying at Priestly college. We brought a member with us to help teach, and we found out that the member knew his mom! So, she invited the mom to church, and she seemed pretty interested. That was definitely inspired to bring her along with us, and it was such a big miracle that we saw
this week.
I know that I am being blessed right now with so many miracles because this week has been a bit crazy with things from home. My aunt came to England on Wednesday, and she dropped off a package at the mission office. Sister McAllister (the office couple) said that she sent a photo, and I got a phone call from the office to let me know.
It was very sweet, and I felt uplifted, and I wasn't too worried because I knew she was still a bit far away. The next day, we got a text from a random number with a Utah area code. I thought it might be my aunt or her friend, but it was actually an Elder that served in Warrington that now lives in Bountiful. But it was strange to get knowing that my aunt is here in England. Then at church on Sunday, there was a family there that was from Orem, Utah who were just passing through. They took a photo of Elder Schoonover and I to send to our parents once they get back to Utah. So, that was great to see that family, but also a bit strange. Then, last night, someone knocked on our door. It was 10:25pm, so we decided it was too late to answer, and we felt a bit scared to know who was at our door so late at night. They then buzzed our flat a few times, and we felt uneasy. So, we called the District Leader and let him know what was happening, and he said to call the Dunns to just walk around the building to make sure we were safe. So, they ended up coming over and checking. Chloe came to our door, and we could hear her just laughing. Once we opened the door, we saw it was COVERED in notes and photos from my family. My aunt was literally outside decorating our door, but we did not know, and we didn't answer. So, last night was obviously really hard for me having that realization that I missed her by only a few minutes. But I am actually glad I didn't see her, because I may have been up all night talking to her and it would be hard to say goodbye. Elder Thelier told me I would be blessed for staying obedient, and that because home was literally a few meters away, that I would be filled with strength this week.

Sister Wilkinson

England Manchester Mission ☔️

(Mom here- Sister Wilkinson's aunt is visiting England but purposefully did not see her.  She was staying in a hotel just around the block and did decorate her door.  They doorbell ditched them last night so if Sister Wilkinson did answer the door she would have only seen the lovely notes and not her aunt- who too was obeying mission rules.  Just thought I would throw that in there so that nobody thinks she was trying to cheat.  She has far more willpower then the rest of us.  I know I would have cheated.  I couldn't be that close and not given her a hug.  We miss her dearly and we are all so proud of the great missionary she has become.  Thank you for all your support- Rachel Wilkinson) 

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