Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick Update

Sorry, I was in a hurry and wasn't creative with a title today. 
But... Transfers happened!!! I am still in Crosby serving with Sister Clawson
This has been a great transfer, and I will miss Sister Bundy so much. She has been such a blessing to me and has helped me so much. I have loved serving with her. I am excited to see what this next transfer has in store.
My testimony this week has been strengthened in the power of prayer and fasting. The week before this, I was struggling and just feeling stressed and overwhelmed about leading the area. But this week after we had fasted about the upcoming transfer, I felt a sense of peace and comfort. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that I was able to feel calm because the Spirit was with me. I could feel the strength that came from those who were praying for me.
Also this week, we got to go to the temple with Sister Bundy's first Recent Convert. She got her Endowment and was Sealed to her husband. It was such a special day and I was so glad I could be a part of it. The spirit was so strong the whole time we were there and it was such a good feeling. I love the temple and I know the blessings that come from attending. I had the opportunity to serve in the temple prior to my mission, and it taught me so much. I have such a stronger testimony of the work that happens in the temples.
I also had a wonderful experience at First 5 weeks, a meeting that we had and also where we received our iPads. The spirit that was there touched my heart so deeply. Especially when we talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. I know from the bottom of my heart that he was a prophet of God, and that he had a great work to do. Without him, our church would be nothing. He brought forth the keystone of our religion and without it, we would tumble. He has done so much for this church and I am so grateful for this Restoration. 
I also got to have exchange in Chorley while Sister Bundy was in the temple. It was good to see a different perspective, and a different area. I want to serve in Chorley, it's so beautiful. I hope one day I will have the privilege of serving there.
I am so excited for this transfer and what it will bring. I have faith that it will be successful. At the hard times, I will always look to the Lord. I love all of you and I hope you all have a good week!
-Sister Wilkinson

** Sister Wilkinson has requested snail mail if you so desire to send her some.  Her mailing address is:
(for letters only)

Sister Wilkinson
Flat 3, 13 Haigh Road
L22 3XN

I know that England post is different so if you would like to send her a letter I believe you need to go to the post office to get postage for it.  I know she would really LOVE any letters sent!

She also mentioned that her new companion Sister Clawson is from Wales, Utah (near Manti) and she is really excited to be serving with her.  She will be her follow-up trainer. 

She sent us some pictures with Sister Bundy before the transfer:

*This is me, Sister Bundy, and one of her companions, Sister Black. We went through the temple with someone who they baptized. She got her endowment and was sealed to her husband so we got to be with her :) 

*With the Chinese sisters serving in Liverpool :)

*My first real chippie!!!!  Also, we got a free Pepsi with the meal ;)

Monday, January 23, 2017

When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming

Well, this week was a tough one, but I survived. Transfers happen next week and I will be getting a new companion! Which is a mix of emotions. It will be good though.
We have found a lot of success at the beginning of this week and it helped me see my potential and it helped me notice all of the unplanned opportunities the Lord puts in our way. We were tracting by the Bishop's house, and we called by a woman who my companion found in the past. She never let them in, but had a few questions. We hadn't called by for a while, and when we did, she let us in right away. That was a surprise to both of us. Her mother had just passed away, so we taught a bit of the Plan of Salvation, and also the Restoration. She accepted the Book of Mormon and the Spirit really led that lesson. We were able to give her comfort through passages of the Book of Mormon, and that really interested her to learn more. It was such a great experience for everyone. Later that day, we received a referral and contacted her, and were able to find three new investigators. That was huge for us because our numbers are very small here. It was a day full of success and it helped me be excited for the work. It was a really good and spiritual day.
I have also had wonderful studies each morning. I have been reading in second Nephi about how there will be people who say they already have a Bible, so there's no need for more. I have seen that countless times already. Not many people are accepting of the Book of Mormon. It's interesting to see how all of the prophesies made in the Book of Mormon are coming true. The second coming is right around the corner. 
Also, I have titled this email because this week was hard for me and I struggled a lot, but I know that when life gets you down, you have to keep swimming. There will come a time in my mission where I will never want to leave. I know that it will come, and I'm waiting for that day, but in the meantime, the best we can do is learn from the past, and keep moving forward. Wow, look at me and all my Disney quotes.
There's not too much to update on this week, just that I have now officially made it 2 months! 16 more to go. Love you all! Sorry this message was a quick one.
 - Sister Wilkinson

Monday, January 16, 2017

Even miracles take a little time (Fairy Godmother - Cinderella)

Well, I will start with a bit of a testimony. I have been noticing that every person looks at us and they really do notice us. I think I may have wrote about this before, but it really is true. Sometimes we would ask people if they have ever seen missionaries before, and some of them would say that they had two young men knock on their door 5 years ago, or some would say, I saw two sisters buying their groceries, or some would even say that they saw them on the streets when they passed on the bus. Every one has their own personal conversion, and that really stuck to me this week. I know that miracles sometimes take so much time, and I may not see one person's miracle moment.
Also...We did SO MUCH tracting - We had 22.5 hours of finding this week! It was very cold this week as well, but we managed to survive. We found a few potentials, but no new investigators. We were also able to see a few members and many less actives. The area is doing well, but we are trying our best to get more to attend sacrament meeting. Last Sunday, one of the members brought her friend, Julie to church. So we have taught her a lot this week. While teaching the Plan of Salvation, both Sister Bundy and I promised her blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. It was very bold, and I felt a bit nervous to do it, but as I said it, I knew that those promises would be fulfilled if she kept the commitments we gave her. I was able to give my first real baptismal invite, and we extended the date of January 28th. She is actually doing well at keeping up to this date, and she seemed to be our perfect investigator. She had tea with us and another member, and we have shared all three lessons with her. She is really progressing well. But, we just found out that she actually doesn't live in our area, so we now need to tell her we can't continue to teach her.... which is so sad!! So, that will be a bit of a struggle. I'm hoping she can still stay strong and work towards her baptismal date, and I only wish we could still be there to help her towards it. I am hoping that she will be able to transition and that the missionaries in her area will be able to help her.
Also... exchanges happened this week! My first one! The missionary I was with was such a sweet person. I loved getting to know her during exchange. I learned so much from it! I think my favorite thing that happened during exchanges, and also the most spiritual thing, was when we were waiting to teach a less active. We were waiting outside her house for a member that was going to be fellow-shipping, but the member was late. So, while we were waiting, we talked a bit about the Plan of Salvation. It brought something to my memory of some experiences I had before my mission.While I shared them, both of us could feel the Spirit so strong. Because of this experience, I really can say that I know we knew each other before we were on this earth, and we did live with Heavenly Father. It felt so good to share this and we both felt the spirit bear witness to us the truth of the Plan of Salvation.
This week has been a bit crazy, but really good :)
Funny story: We talked to a man that was getting into his car and he said that he knew Mormons and that a Mormon lifestyle, "just wasn't for him", but everyone was friendly during the conversation. Then we walked off, and as he drove past us, he rolled down his window and said, "By the way, I like Donny Osmond". My companion and I thought it was so funny.
Also, three words for you today:
Biscut: cookie (there's no such thing as a cookie in England)
Torch: flashlight (if you say flashlight here, you will be made fun of)
Corgiette: zucchini (yeah... I was called out on this one. Nobody knows what a zucchini is)

Sister Wilkinson

She was able to send us some pictures this week.  She was able to make a trip into Liverpool last week.

Katie being Supergirl

A new Disney shirt she bought in England

Pictures from her visit to Liverpool

Monday, January 9, 2017

All you need is faith and trust (and pixie dust)

Hello family and friends!
Now down to the goods... We had a meeting this week and there were some big announcements! The First Presidency is changing the mission schedule. We will know the specifics at the end of this month, but we have started applying some of the principles already. It is strange, but good. The new schedule really focusing on companionship unity. I think it will be really good :)
Also, the mission president went over some of the rules because many of us were breaking them without knowing. So, I found out a few new things... and the one that related to all of you is that I am not supposed to email back and forth with anyone. So, sorry you will now all have to wait a week for all my responses. I know that it may be a hard change, but I know that as I follow the council of my Mission President, I will be blessed.
The Vision Meeting gave me a stonger desire to obey with exactness, and also a stonger desire to trust in the Lord. Sister Bundy and I have now been praying to find one person that can be baptized by the end of the transfer (which would be the end of this month). On Sunday, I fasted to be able to find that person, and while we were at chuch, one of the members brought her friend. We were planning on taking her to a fireside that night called "Our Story Goes On". So, it was nice to get to know her while at church. The heating in the building wasn't working properly, so most of Sacrament meeting was very cold. And the Bishopric ended up cancelling all of the classes after because it was too cold. We didn't have any back-up plans for church, since that was a rare and strange experience. But because of that, we went into a classroom with a heater and were able to teach her the Restoration. She was accepting of everything and we were able to answer her questions. Later, when we went to the fireside, I could tell that she felt the Spirit while there and that something in that performance touched her heart. She was also admiring the beauty of the temple while we were there. When we were back in our flat, the member that brought her rang us and said that her friend told her that she "was meant to be there tonight" and that she could feel something very strong. I'm so excited for her and I hope that she will be our person to be baptised before this transfer ends!
Also while we were at the meeting, President gave us a powerful blessing over the pulpit. We could all feel the Spirit so strongly. On the way home, I was pondering all of the things that were said at the meeting and I was reading passages from the Book of Mormon that related. I then thought specifically about the blessing, and opened my book randomly and it landed in Doctrine and Covenants section 88 verses 75-78.
That was such a strong testimony to me because it was almost word for word what we had all been blessed with. I know that our Savior lives and that he is constantly watching over us. I know that He gives us so much strength and power as missionaries, and I have felt of His Spirit so often this week. Especially with the fireside and the Vision Meeting. I know that there is power in the scriptures and they have been given to us as a spiritual tool.
I feel like I have been almost fully adgusted to missionary life now, and although it gets hard at times, I know that the Lord gives us strength and loves our efforts. I know that no effort is wasted, and that the Lord will be pleased when we are dedicated. I have been holding onto this testimony. I know that as I am here on a mission that I will be given strength and power, and that there are miracles that await me.
Love you all! - Sister Wilkinson
Also... 3 British words for you:
1 - Posh: fancy
2 - Thick: stupid
3 - Trolley: shopping cart

A few pictures that were posted of her on facebook from the meeting she was talking about:

Image may contain: 6 people, indoor

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and indoor

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Monday, January 2, 2017

Did you see that sky today? Talk about Blue

The sky was actually blue on one of the mornings this week! So that was lovely! And also rare ;)
But... This week has been so good! Christmas and New Years were wonderful! It was strange to not be at home for the holidays, but skyping made it manageable. We went to a member's home and they made it feel like Christmas. It was so good! They took great care of us and the Elders. Our holidays were so much fun! We visited some more members, and we watched 17 Miracles, and Miracle on 34th Street. They were both good movies.
Although we had lots of holiday season this week, Sister Bundy and I were able to see a few less actives and members. We don't have many investegators, but we met with those few that we do have. It was nice to get to know the people in the ward so they could gain our trust and support us in our callings.
My testimony was strengthened this week in so many ways. During my personal studies in the Book of Mormon, there have been many scriptures that have pointed out the power of the Atonement. I have such a strong testimony of the Atonemant because I have seen how it has been able to truly change people. I know I'll be able to see it also change the hearts of those I teach. In the scriptures, it talks about how we will have a true change of heart and our focus will be turned to the Lord, and I can feel the Holy Ghost confirm that concept to me through the examples of others. I know that we are forgiven through the Atonement, and that Jesus Christ knows exactly how each of us feel and how heavy the burdens are that we bear.
I also had a neat experience a few nights ago. We were originally planning to attend a Book of Mormon class, but our investegator didn't show up that night. So instead, our back up plan was to call by a less active who is struggling because of how strict her parents are. When we got to the door, she said, "Sisters, you are just in time". After talking for a while, she explained her situation and said that she had finished saying a prayer not too long before we called by, and she asked for Heavenly Father to send help. Although we weren't able to do too much for her, I felt that we were an answer to her prayers.
Alright, I also have a funny story to tell. So, our heater in the chapel was broken, and so when it was turned on, it literally looked like the roof was on fire, even though we knew it wasn't. One of the members said he had been in the building that morning, and someone came banging on the windows telling him to get out because the building was on fire. He warned us of that when we were doing meetings and told us to be careful when using the heater. So... we went caroling that night and we were in the chapel after to have a few snacks and say a prayer. While we were saying the prayer, the fire brigade came and parked outside the chapel (also, they are also actually called the fire brigade here so that makes me smile). I can just imagine the thoughts going through their head as they passed a church that was on fire with members inside standing in a circle saying a prayer. They opened up the doors as we finished praying, and said, "I would suggest you leave now. The roof is on fire." I just thought it was so funny. We cleared it up with them, but we were quoting that for the rest of the week. It was great!
Also, I have decided to leave you 3 British terms with each email because their English her is just so different. So this weeks words/terms are:
1. "Call by" - To go to someone's house without a set appointment
2. "Pram" - Stroller, sometimes also called a "Push Cart"
3. "Parcel" - A package

Sister Wilkinson

** We still haven't received any new pictures.  She doesn't have a way to download them onto the computer shes got in this area.  I decided to add some photos that I took of her when she called us on Christmas Day!  It was so wonderful to see our smiling cheerful Katie.  She is so happy and doing very well. - Katie's mom **