Monday, July 3, 2017

It's a small world after all

Well, the reason I decided to title it this is because of all the miracles we saw this week. The main focus was about all the connections we have with people. This is what really testifies to me that the Lord puts these people in our paths for a reason. The first one, we were waiting for a bus, and it was taking FOREVER. We could have gotten a bus on the other side and it would have taken us to town much quicker. So, I felt a bit upset about it, but our first instinct was to keep waiting on the side that we were on, so we stayed there. Eventually, the bus came, and a woman got on the bus with us. We had a casual conversation with her, then she asked, "you're Mormon right?" So we started talking, and her daughter in law actually comes to our ward! She is a member we know quite well. So that was crazy! 
Later in the week, we felt prompted to stop a man that was walking past us. He was from Italy, and said that he used to meet with the sister missionaries over there. In fact, he planned on marrying one of them! So, he knew everything about our church. He said that he was always back and forth to Italy for his work, so he couldn't commit to meeting with us, but we told him where our ward met, and we are hoping he can show up one day!
Then, towards the end of the week, we met a woman who said that she knew the missionaries her whole life because she grew up in a city were there were many Elders. We had a good conversation with her as well. 
These were all just little moments that testified to me that the Lord places us in the paths of others. 
Other updates on me? Well, I meet my new mission President on Wednesday, so that is exciting!According to some other missionaries, his accent is crazy. He is originally from the south of England, but has also lived in many places including America, Australia, and I believe Canada as well. So, I'm excited to meet him and get to know him better!
I'm still in Warrington with Sister Taumalolo, and transfers are coming up in a week or two, if you all wanna guess where I'm going or if I'm staying. 
This week has been so good. Ooh I just remembered something that was really special. So, there's this tradition that happens every year in Warrington called, "Walking Day" where all the local churches and bands get together and walk around town with big banners. It was SO great to see! The bands were AMAZING! If I could have taken pics, I would have! It was really an incredible thing to see! We also saw our investigator, Joe, in the walking day. It was great to see a familiar face. Other than that, there's not much else to report. We are currently working with some wonderful people and have great investigators so that's been good! 
I wanted to leave you all with a quote that we heard from a less active member that really stood out to me. "Satan won't turn off our light, but he will dim it". This is so true. Satan does everything he can to make us feel miserable. He will dim our light more and more until it eventually goes out. But the second we turn our lives to Christ, He will turn that light back on and keep it even brighter than it was before. He is the light of the world, and he brings that light and hope to all of us. I want to let all of you know that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and of his divine authority and calling. Everything He did while on the Earth he did because he loves us. When He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, he did not want to "drink the bitter cup". But (nevertheless) he drank it anyway. Why? Because of his infinite love for each and every one of us. I testify that the Lord, Jesus Christ, knows and loves every one of us. And the closer we get to Him, the more light will come into our lives. And I say this in His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love you all!
Sister Wilkinson

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