Monday, July 10, 2017

President McReynolds + transfers

Hello everyone! So this week, I met my new mission President and its also transfers tomorrow! But I will send them in a separate email because I STILL haven't been informed if I'm leaving or going to stay.... so I'll update you once I can! I feel like I might stay here one more transfer. Not too sure...
But, In the meantime, I'll tell you about my week:
So, first off, I'll tell a funny story. So, we live across the street from a pub. And all the past week, there has been this man there (maybe he works there?) but anyway, every time we pass, he yells at us something like, "Come on girls, don't you want a drink?" The first few days we were annoyed, and then after that we just figured he was drunk so we would look over and wave a "no" and say "Never!" We had a bit of fun with it. Then one day, we got off the bus, and the bus stop is on the same side as the pub. He saw us and pointed at us and said, "Hey! Don't you girls go anywhere! Stay there! Stay there!" And then ran into the pub. A part of me just wanted to leave in case he forced us into some beer, but Sister Taumalolo wanted to find out what he was going to do. So we waited, and then he ran out with two cans of Coca Cola 😂 he then gave them to us and opened them for us and said, "Now there's a drink no Christian can refuse," Haha! 😂 I thought it was so funny! So then we just had a normal discussion with him, and gave him a card and it was great. He's a good man.

So, yeah that was funny! And now let me tell you about a miracle! (And then another funny story that topped it off perfectly).
So, on our way to the multi-zone, the train from Preston to Chorley was trying to connect with another train, and they wouldn't connect properly. They tried a few times until we had about a half hour delay, and still nothing worked. One of the missionaries had an idea to say a prayer. So, my district leader, Elder Thelier, said a prayer, and in that prayer, he used the power of the Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, and also described why we wanted the trains to connect, and then asked very specifically that they would connect in the next 5-10 minutes. I thought that that was a very bold prayer, and I wasn't sure if it was going to work. Then I thought, "all prayers are answered according to our faith", so I asked myself if I had enough faith to witness this miracle, and for some reason, this feeling came over me, and my faith wasn't shaken. About 8 minutes later, there was an announcement that said the trains had connected successfully and that we would be on our way shortly! I thought that was such an amazing miracle! We all said a prayer of gratitude and we were able to make it to Chorley on time.
And now the funny side of this one was that since the trains were so delayed, another train came on the other platform. So a man on the train decided to get off our train (this was after they said we connected successfully) and we watched him sprint all the way to the other platform and he made it into that train! We all cheered for him! While he was running there, Elder Thelier said, "Now watch, ours will leave first!" Then as soon as we watched him get on his train, our tein left the station 😂 with the timing of when things were said, I just thought it was so funny! His train left only a few minutes after ours, so he still got there quickly, it was just so funny to see!
Also, our mission President is great! I think he will be perfect for the EMM! There was already lots that He said that really touched me. I'm excited to get to know him even more! I learned so much at the multi-zone! It was good to hear a new perspective on everything, and I think this mission will benefit a lot from President and Sister McReynolds. Something that stood out to me was that President said, "Jesus Christ is more important than your family" and then we discussed that a bit. At first I thought, "Well, my family is pretty important to me! So it's a bit hard to see that!" But the more we discussed it, the more I found that it was true. We teach people that "the gospel blesses families" and how when we put Christ first, that our family will grow even stronger together. Jesus Christ is more important because it is only through His power that we can be with our families for eternity. On a mission, if we give our all to Christ, then He will bless our families. This upcoming transfer, I want to do everything I can to forget myself and go to work and to be fully engaged in my service. The first presidency have promised, "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labour among His children" (intro in Preach My Gospel). I have had some pretty happy moments in my life, but if I am promised more happiness than any of those days, you bet I'm willing to give everything I have to the Lord. 
Well, I love you all! Can't wait to tell you all the miracles we witness as we begin our new transfer (wherever I may be!)
Sister Wilkinson

WARNING WARNING - This email contains transfer news! ⚠️
Sorry if the title sacred anyone ;)


And I'm going to be really annoying in this email just for YOU (sorry) :P

Sister Wilkinson, you are hereby called to serve in the....

England Manchester Mission!

In the...

Liverpool zone!!

In the....

Warrington area!!!


Sister Taumalolo!!!!

Well, there you have it! I guessed right! Staying for one more
transfer - guess I have some time to help this area even more! I
thought I'd have a bit of fun with my transfer announcements ;) Also,
I'm a bit bored ;)

Love you all!
Sister Wilkinson

Our investigators at church :) Lorna and Joe. These are my pre-existent best friends! I have such a strong love for them!

Cute desk creatures I've collected in this transfer ;)

I found red white and blue lights so I decided to take a 4th of July photo ;)

Not sure how well you can see it, but I have a great tan line from this English sun ;) that's where my watch usually goes.

 Aldi had "American Style" food.... yeah, except we don't put our hot dogs in cans... game over, you lost England, but thanks for trying! ;)

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