Monday, July 31, 2017

3 Warrington 3:6

"And it came to pass that Sister Wilkinson and Sister Taumalolo did take their journey into Chorley and they did hear the words of their leaders. They had a different experience than they had before, nevertheless, they were uplifted and strengthened by the things which they did hear and see. They also received many blessings from the Elders to lighten and uplift their spirits. They did learn much and had a great desire to share these truths with their fellow brethren."
Like how I just made a scripture? It was something that Sister Taumalolo challenged us to do in one of our lessons. It's 3 Warrington because its my third transfer and it's 6 days into the 3rd week of the transfer. You're welcome - that's how my week went in scripture terms.
Now in modern English, this week has been one of learning for me. Our investigators have had little progressions, but the less active members are progressing well. On Sunday, our friend named Sandra came to church. She hasn't been to church for years! We have been working with her for a while, and she has never had an interest in coming back to church until now. We were very happy to see her come back! There is also a woman that we met this week named Cara who happens to be a less active. Unfortunately, she did not make it on Sunday, but we won't give up on her! The Elders ran into her on the street and she said she had been baptised in the Wigan ward. She needed help moving boxes to a house across town. So, the Elders arranged for us and a member to meet her and help her move. She told us that she wanted to come back and to have a fresh start. She had past addictions, but has now been fighting them. It will be very hard for her to have this fresh start, but we feel that she is determined. We will continue to visit her and help her out and hope that she will come to church once again.
I'm not sure if I've told you about my district yet - it is doing well. It's been good to get to know everyone, and we are all very unified. We have street displays often all together, and it's a very good group of missionaries. Elder Barney has been a good District leader so far. My district currently is Elder Barney from Los Vegas, Nevada and Elder Schoonover from Ceder Hills, Utah - they are the elders here in Warrington. And then there's us, and the sisters serving in Wigan. Which is Sister Magumela from Losoto, Africa, and Sister Arthur who is originally from Ghana. She just started her mission.
also, we had a multi zone in Chorley this week. It was very different than all of the other multi zone's since President McReynolds is more settled now. Although it was different, I learned a lot! We spoke about having a vision for our investigators and others we are working with, and then planning according to that vision. We applied this during weekly planning and it helped us have more well thought out plans as well as plans that have real meaning behind them. I think that this vision and planning exercise also helped us have more charity for the people we discussed. I want to continue doing this for the rest of my mission. 
Something else that stood out to me was when we were in Elder Shima's breakout and we were split into groups to discuss hard work and smart work. Elder Cooper shared some really good sayings with us. The one that stayed with me was "I don't want to kill any sheep". As a missionary, we are called to "Feed his sheep". We should take that into more consideration. Feeding is the spiritual nourishment. If we don't share this gospel or help those around us, we are failing to feed his sheep. If we don't feed them for a while, they will die. We don't want to let our Father in Heaven down and kill his sheep instead of feeding them. I think this will be Council that will stay with me for a long time. It was a very powerful analogy.
Other than the multi zone, I don't have too many other stories for you. I have laughed lots this week from all the times we were caught in the crazy English weather, and also all the dumb things the elders do, and also with the stories the members share with us. Warrington is a good area!
Well, I love you all! Hope you have a great week!!! :)
Sister Wilkinson
England Manchester Mission

Here are a couple pictures from our street displays this week. The girl that is with us is named Claudia. She is getting her mission call soon :) She reminds me so much of Lindy. Such a sweet girl! 

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